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Application of the NER for Connection of Renewable Energy


Course Objectives

The rapidly increasing volume of large renewable energy generators has introduced a number of challenges related to the control and stability of the electric power system. These challenges have increased the complexity of the connection process as set out in the NER. This course will cover several topics related to the application of the NER and system strength impact assessments, including modelling techniques required for the connection of generators. Preliminary and full impact assessments will be investigated with real-world indicative examples and simulation outcomes. The entire process will be reviewed including modelling techniques, data requirements and analysis of results with respect to the ability of a generator to meet their technical performance requirements.

Course Benefits

By attending the course, you will gain knowledge and skills to assist you to:

Gain a systematic understanding of the NER connection process with relation to renewable energy generation

Gain a systematic understanding of the impact of different renewable and distributed generation resources on electricity network operation and stability

Understand AEMO's system strength impact assessment guidelines and their relation to power system stability with high renewable energy penetration

Assess power system modelling studies and identify conditions under which mitigation may be necessary

Familiarise yourself with the standards for particular types of disturbances and mitigation strategies if standard limits are exceeded.

Gain knowledge of guidelines and standards for integration of renewable energy resources into electricity grids

Gain a practical understanding of various power quality problems associated with renewable and distributed generation integration